Jesse, we are revolutionary!

New finishes, new spaces for the imagination, new materials. Jesse presents all its latest products during the Milan Fashion Week 2017, the cradle of the Italian creativity. Italian creativity that found its ideal environment in the shared space created for the occasion by Jesse, in cooperation with Elmar Cucine and Granorte, at Milano Design Store. In the newest Jesse products essentiality and elegance are distinctive marks, but there is space for vibrant colors and touches of extravagance. Like in the new CLUB sliding doors with metal lacquered panels, which will fill your bedroom with light, making the Plurimo system even more fascinating. Or the TATE sideboard lacquered Rosso Cina: with its intense and profound color evokes the splendor of the Emperors’ Age. An element that combines a timeless daintiness with modern metallic details. Yet, the real protagonist among the Jesse new products is MARGLAS, a glass material that perfectly replicates the features of marble: the streaks, the shadows are imitated with the utmost attention to detail. MARGLAS – in its four versions: GAUDI STONE, PORTORO, SAHARA NOIR, and CALACATTA – is not just beautiful to watch and beautiful to touch. It is also practical and strategic: easier to clean, easier to treat, less delicate than marble or synthetic resin. A material that inspired new forms and solutions, and that has tickled the imagination of a designer like Christian von Ahn: Jesse presents his new table, STERN, an object that recalls the shape of a star. “Stern” means “star” in German, and the designer from Hamburg decided to sign it with a reference to his mother tongue. So, the new Jesse finishes bring us virtually on a trip: from the Age of Empires in China to the sidereal space; from the urban ultramodern streets to the glory of the ancient marble cities. Without even leaving home.