Milan Design Week 2021

Design Your Living: Jesse presents its new 2021 products

The doors of the MIG MILANO showroom, located in the exclusive Via della Spiga 48, have reopened on the occasion of the last edition of the Milan Design Week, to present the latest news of the Group's companies and to show the new face of the exhibition space: an exclusive layout, designed in collaboration with the architect Massimiliano Mornati.

The spotlight was on the latest news from the Treviso-based company Jesse: the new Night System 2021 catalogue, suggestively named Spaces, a project created in partnership with the architect Massimiliano Mornati. With this new collection, Jesse has completely updated its range of wardrobes, with a new concept that places the wardrobe and the walk-in wardrobe at the centre of the house, transforming them into architectural pivots. New interior finishes and innovative restyling of the design compositions make the wardrobe more and more of a personal object, unique and an expression of one's identity. Every home its own wardrobe, every person its own style.

In addition, the new Outdoor collection was presented. The furnishings migrate between indoor and outdoor in seamless spaces, contaminating each other with a harmonious language. A fundamental aspect of the Outdoor collection is the theme of sustainability considered at every stage, from the design of completely disassemblable products for responsible disposal, to the use of natural and recycled materials. The palette is born from the chromatic power of nature, harmoniously combining the warm tones of the earth with the more intense tones of rust, moss green and the sea.

Ph. Diana Lapin