New Night Essential collection

Jesse presents the new Night Essential collection, a set of modular solutions that can be mixed together to get always the maximum customization.

Varied and elegant beds and night groups with redefined details, extensive modularity and custom-made workmanship, as well as a wide selection of finishes to be composed according to your taste and needs.

Intimate spaces where everyone can find themselves. A design that expresses elegance, charm and always ensures maximum comfort. Everyone has their own relaxation and style, thanks to a wide and incredibly customizable proposal.

Strong contrasts or delicate combinations, beds and night groups integrate with each other to create vibrant combinations.

Through this new and fascinating journey into the night world, Jesse talks about his vision of design: different styles, for a multi-purpose, flexible and dynamic proposal. Design marks every page of the catalog, accompanying and guiding the gestures of all our daily life.

We know how each of us is unique and needs to interpret the space to live in line with their way of being. This is the concept behind the Night Essential collections, where everything adapts to the size of your home and your life.

Discover the new Night Essential catalogue