Well-being by Jesse

Modularity and customization have always been the characteristic of the Jesse products.

In the wardrobe solution this characteristics are best expressed by Plurimo, a modular system consisting of 16 different types of doors to choose from hanging, sliding and coplanar.

The multiple customization possibilities are guarantee by the wide range of sizes and solution designed to furnish your spaces.

We are proud of the work done by our R&D team to make the collections available to guarantee a high level of well-being for us and for the environment in which we live. An attention that is even more evident in the lacquered materials and the inclusion of the sanitizer in the range.


This device, thanks to an ionization and ozonation process, is able to eliminate up to 99% of the agents harmful to our health (VOC, bacteria, viruses, molds and allergenic substances). The purifier is available in combination with the room air freshener to obtain an additional sensation of scented area and well-being.

It can be connected to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth for constant air quality monitoring via through a sensor.


The entire range of lacquers is painted with water-based paints with a content of volatile organic compounds lower than solvent-based paints, ensuring a lower release of emissions into the enviroment. This value is extremely positive to those who live in the home.

Lacquers have good antibacterial properties guaranteed by chemical resistance and low porosity which allow for deep and effective sanitation.

All our lacquers have particular textured finish which makes the surface particularly resistant to daily use and scratches.