The minimalist walk-in wardrobe by Jesse

Naked is essentially a basic walk-in wardrobe, without a back, made up of simple metal uprights to which shelves, drawers, containers and various accessories are attached, which can be positioned as desired thanks to the handy bayonet system. This essentially naked style is embellished only by the elegant finishes in the catalogue, which transform it into a sophisticated designer walk-in wardrobe that, at the same, time conceals an unimaginable versatility. In fact, the minimalist design, the practical functionality and attention to detail make it possible to place it in any type of domestic environment, but they can also be an interesting solution for the requirements of the contract world, particularly for projects dedicated to hospitality and retail. In these contexts, Naked makes it possible to use available space in the best possible way and to organise it precisely and neatly.

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