The self-supporting walk-in wardrobe by Jesse

Pass is a solution in line with the most up-to-date trends which, as an alternative to the classic wardrobe, offer designer wardrobes that make the most of the available space. This is the case of the Pass wardrobe that, thanks to the through-support structure, does not need to be fastened to the wall and becomes self-supporting. This feature makes Pass a designer walk-in wardrobe that allows you to freely enjoy your space, without the need for structural interventions. The structure of the Pass walk-in wardrobe can also be used as a regular wardrobe, because it shares its doors and internal equipment with Plurimo, the wardrobe system by Jesse. The result of extensive research based on style and technology, entirely made in Italy, Pass is very customisable: there is a wide range of lacquered finishes and woods to choose from for your personal creativity, as well as columns of different heights and sizes. An intelligent containment system, characterized by flexibility in the composition flexibility that always makes the creation of original proposals possible, also dedicated to the contract world.

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