Jesse @ Salone del Mobile 2019

Jesse and Sitland at Salone del Mobile di Milano: a new vision for living spaces

The day and night novelties at the Milan Design Week 2019.

In the transition from night to day, there is a brief moment before sunrise when the sun's most intimate colours are reflected in the atmosphere: the dawn breaks the darkness of night and warms the sky with its golden and crimson light. The Jesse – Sitland stand has been inspired by the contrast between these two moments with their very different colours: colour and tactile contrasts are created with a selection of elegant and sophisticated materials and colours, which are never ordinary, thus making the boundaries between the home, the hospitality sector and public spaces even less noticeable.

Among the novelties presented by Jesse, there is Pierluigi, the table designed by Marco Casamonti and the Studio Archea Associati, that offers elegance to the dining room combined with the new Germana chairs, designed by Favaretto & Partners.

Protagonists of the “Salone del Mobile 2019”, also some novelties aimed to the most welcoming and reserved

ambient of the house: the bedroom area. Novelties to live the night with a style full of personality: from the surprising Aiace bed, designed by Favaretto and Partners, to the lightness of the new Plume dressers up to the transparencies of the Glass wardrobe. Two other beds complete the new Jesse collection: Sterling, design by Mario Mazzer, padded or made of wood, customizable with endless compositions and the elegant padded shapes of Gyles.

A path through proposals, situations and emotions to live day and night. A living and furnishing project that evolves in an original way.